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A1 Talent Success! Professional Sports and Entertainment's parent company A1 Seaysuccess! was founded on the basis that there are literally millions of people who need assistance in achieving their goals.

A1 Talent Success!'s Objective: Our objective is to help all our Talent Success Clients achieve their goals of being be the best entertainer, athlete or personal goal achiever that they possibly can! We will do this by developing their talents; providing each client with the advice, training, guidance, motivation, publicity and media exposure necessary for them to achieve success.

A1 Talent Success!'s Mission Statement: To use our resources in helping our talented young clients excel in entertainment arts, sports and personal life achievement so they can become positive, productive and successful members of society.  

A1 Talent Success!'s Officers:

President and CEO Vincent Seay was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. In 1976 he began in the entertainment field as a successful actor and appeared in movies such as "Alphabet City", "Turk 182", and "Chains of Gold". He also appeared in ABC's Afterschool Special "Billions For Boris", and several national commercials. In 1978, while still an actor, he began his Professional Management career. His first client was a Brooklyn fifth-grader named Alex Ruiz who he trained and helped rise to national prominence. Alex placed #3 in NBC's North American talent search, and was asked to appear in the sitcom "ALF". Unfortunately, because of travel, he was unable to appear. He was then selected to co-star in the sitcom "227", and he accepted. Alex considered that show as one of the greatest experiences of his life. He also appeared on "The Cosby Show", in PBS' "Reading Rainbow" series, several movies, and was a successful musician in Australia.

Since managing Alex Ruiz, Vincent Seay has assisted hundreds of actors and models across America, to realize their ambition of professional acting, modeling and recording success!

Vice President and Chairman of the Board, Robert J. Seay, was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. He started the agency, The Brown Satin Models in 1980 with his two partners, Malcolm West and Bruce Copeland. It was an agency where models were taught how to walk, talk and interview. They had frequent fashion shows in the NY area, and they had their own fashion designer who created the model's outfits. Many of the models, because of  their training, went on to secure national contracts.

These two brothers, because of their extensive entertainment experience, decided to join forces and form A1 Talent Success! With their national contacts, and commitment to excellence for their clients, A1 Talent Success! is considered one of THE BEST Professional Talent Success Companies in the World!     

 A1 Talent Success! 
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