Welcome to A1 Superstars! Professional Sports and Entertainment Talent Management and Consultants!

The purpose of this page is to orientate those that are interested in becoming  a rising star in the A1 Superstars! family.
Since we work with both children and adults, the parents of child talent should pay close attention to this page, as many of the issues here will impact you also.

The first question that you should ask is, "Why am I involved in show business?"

First and foremost, the main reason that you should be involved in show business, is because you really enjoy it. If your main reasoning for doing this is to make millions of dollars, you may be disappointed. Only a small percentage of actors make the big bucks, and the odds of you becoming a millionaire are slim. This is not to say that you can't or won't do it, you just need to be realistic. 
Also, because of the fact that show business has a lot of rejections (as far as jobs that you will get as opposed to the amount of auditions that you will attend), you will need the love of show business to get you through the lean times.

If you're the parent of talent, make sure that your child is in show business because it's fun. Make auditions an enjoyable experience, not one filled with anxiety. Make sure your child understands not to take the rejection personally; it's just that the casting people were looking for a different type of person. Many times just getting an audition to a particular job is a victory, and this fact should be pointed out to your child. 

As long as you feel that you are in show business for the correct reasons, the next question is, "Do I really need a manager?"
First of all, unless you are experienced and making good money in show business, have multiple professionals constantly calling you for work, or are about to sign a major entertainment contract that will pay you substantial money, you probably don't need a manager. You will be better off using our Professional Talent Consulting Service.
If you are presently in that point in your career where you are doing AT LEAST one of the three above listed reasons for having a manager, you need to read the rest of this page to see how we at A1 Superstars! can help you in managing your career.

Let's explain the difference between an agent and a manager. 

An agent's PRIMARY job is to get employment (auditions and hopefully jobs) for a client. They work only on a commission basis, usually 10% to 15%, on jobs that THEY get for you. Many agents work with literally hundreds of clients, as they need a large database of talent to present to casting directors and producers.
You will definitely need an agent if you want to be considered for the prime acting jobs that are frequently presented only to agents. 

A Professional Talent Manager's job in sports and entertainment, is to assist, guide and counsel talent in their sports and entertainment career. Their job is NOT to obtain employment for the client, but they do ASSIST clients in obtaining employment, by helping them sign with agents and to be seen by major casting and endorsement personnel. Many of these personnel will not even see a person if they do not have representation.

In this aspect, managers are invaluable, as they are an important conduit between clients and other decision making professionals in show business and endorsements. Managers may also promote their clients career by contacting newspapers, radio and other media outlets about their client's activities. 
In addition, managers work with their clients in making sure that the client is making proper decisions regarding their career. Many times, clients get sidetracked into taking jobs that are not enhancing their career, and a manager will talk to them  and make sure that the proper career path is followed.
Managers are also available to answer any questions that clients may have regarding their career, and should take the time to make sure the client's questions are answered. Also, if a client is experiencing a problem with a showbiz professional, a manager is there to assist and help resolve the problem.

As you can see, we guide talent from helping the beginner with their pictures and resumes to the seasoned professional working a multi-picture deal. 

That sounds good. "But what can A1 Superstars! Professional Sports and Entertainment specifically do for my career?"

We at A1 Superstars! want every one of our clients to succeed! If you're a beginner in entertainment, we will help you develop a professional headshot or comp card and resume. We will also assist you in getting jobs that will get you more experience in front of the camera or on stage so you will look better to those casting directors that are looking for talent with experience. For the mid-level entertainment talent, we will help them make the move into more lucrative jobs by assisting them in getting their info before the casting directors of larger productions. We also will make sure that they are focused on continually moving forward in their career. For the advanced entertainment performer, we will assist in looking over the many scripts that they receive, and go over the content and make sure it is compatible with the goals of the talent. 
If you are a sports professional, we will work with you as a liaison between you and the team or governing body of your sport, if necessary, we can also make sure that you know what is going on with any other persons that you may have working with you, handling various affairs, we also will help you find which endorsement opportunities will be best for you, as well as assist in any movie or television opportunities that may come your way.

We also field the myriad requests for interviews and news on these very visible performers.

And for EVERY client we will give them that personal experience so they know that we are there for THEM!    

But, "Can't an agent do all that also?"

The answer is usually, "no", because of the sheer number of clients that an agent has (hundreds), does not allow them to be professionally involved in all aspects of each client's career. Agents are great because they do their jobs well, but to ask them to do a manager's job also, is not fair. 

Talent Managers work on a commission basis, but their percentages vary widely, so make sure that you get it in writing before signing.
Whereas agents usually get their commissions only on jobs they personally get for clients, Talent Managers generally get commissions on ALL entertainment work that clients do while they are under agreement.
The reason is because an agent's primary job is to help their clients secure employment, but a Talent Manager's job is to assist, guide and counsel clients in their ENTIRE professional career. The client's career will include entertainment work the client may have gotten personally, from various agents, or other casting professionals.

Here at A1 Superstars!, our talent manager's commission is 15%, and you will find that by working with us, the commission is more than worth it because of the attention that we give your career.

Even though you may have many agents, (such as one for theatre, one for television and still another for film) you should only have ONE Professional Talent Manager. The reason is because if you had more than one, there would be duplication of efforts, and that would be unnecessary. Many professional talent management companies, including A1 Talent!, state that they must be the sole Professional Talent Manager because of this reason.

We at A1 Superstars! take Professional Talent Management seriously. We are PROFESSIONAL because we work closely with our clients to insure satisfaction. We care about your career, because it is important to YOU! 

We are INTERNATIONAL in that we work with agents and casting professionals all over North America and the world. We will be able to get you contacts in places that most local companies can't.

We also are PERSONAL, in that we know show business is not a 9 to 5 job. As our client you will ALWAYS be able to reach us either in person or via message, and we WILL call you back. We are always there to help. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a beginner. you will find our service impressive.

So the burning question is, "Do I really need a Professional Talent Manager?"

We at A1 Superstars! can't answer that question for you. But we will say that if you want MORE guidance, MORE contacts, MORE opportunities and MORE professionals at work for you, the answer should be, "Yes, to A1 Talent!"

So, you've made a wise decision, and decided that you want to work with A1 Superstars! Professional Entertainment. The next question is, "What do I need to know?"

One of the most important things that needs to be stressed, is that we only want to work with you if you are COMMITTED TO SHOW BUSINESS! It takes a tremendous amount of work for us to build a career, so we will need you to treat your career just like any other professional (Doctor, Lawyer, etc.) would. You need to continue to train and be willing to go to auditions on which you are sent. We realize that there may be times that you can't make an audition, but if you feel that because of your JOB you will have problems going on your (or your child's) auditions, then DON'T SIGN WITH US!  But, if you are SERIOUS about working with professionals to help you or your child succeed, then we WANT to work with YOU!

Understand that show business is a BUSINESS, so we need to work in a business-like manner. When we call you about an audition, we need to be called back IMMEDIATELY. Showbiz works on the "right now" system, in that things many times need to be done ASAP. I sometimes get calls stating that they need to see my client the next day because a casting person is flying in, and wants them for a job. They need the answer within a couple of hours, so I call the client and leave a message. If I'm not called back, the client AND we both lose because of miscommunication. One client actually lost out on a guaranteed minimum $50,000 commercial because of this. PLEASE! Make sure we have good contact numbers, and CALL BACK if an urgent message is left. Also, if you plan to leave town or can't work on particular dates, let us know  so we don't tell casting people that you can work. 

We at A1 Superstars! Professional Entertainment take pride in the quality industry professionals that we work with, and we need you to help us look good by properly communicating with us. We will also be calling you to give you companies to contact so they can help you secure employment. Please contact these people as we took the time to find these contacts, and this could lead to work for you. So it is imperative that you keep your pix and resumes updated, and sufficient quantities on hand.
You must also be prepared to work HARD going to auditions and interviews. Even if you don't get the job, make contacts at these functions, because you never know who might be able to help you!

So, if everything sounds good, YOU ARE ALMOST DONE!

Finally, understand that A1 Superstars! Professional Management works on a signed agreement basis. If you are selected, you will be asked to look over, then sign an agreement stating that you select us to represent you. This is important, as many productions need documentation that we actually represent you before we can work with them on your behalf.

We have a three-year OPEN agreement, which means that if for whatever reason you are not satisfied, you may cancel it at any time during the term by sending us an email letter stating that you wish to terminate our agreement. (This is explained in detail in paragraph 11 of the agreement.) The reason that we use an open agreement, is because it makes us work harder for your trust, and gets you peace of mind knowing that you may cancel if you wish.

Well, basically that's it! 

If you want to be considered, you may call or text A1 Superstars! in the U.S. and Internationally at (833)218-2536. Make sure you leave a detailed message, including the age, experience of the Talent and what the Talent would like to accomplish. 

You may also enter your information below, and we will contact you promptly. You must be at least 18 years of age to begin service. If talent is 17 or under, get parent's permission first before filling out form.

Thank you, and GOOD LUCK!

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