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Our #1 goal at A1 Superstars! is to provide great world-wide talent success services and assist our talent in achieving success throughout their professional sports and entertainment career.


A1 Superstars! Professional Sports/Entertainment Consulting™

Our Professional Sports/Entertainment Consulting is for professional athletes or entertainers who are looking for an experienced representative that can give them expert advice on making decisions that effect their personal life or sports/entertainment career. Whether it is looking for entertainment agents that can help them with endorsements, movies or commercials, where to live, working with lawyers, accountants or other professionals, we can help! We also work on a FLAT RATE, NOT A COMMISSION, so you know your answer will be a true one, not one based on us making money on the decision. As your Professional Sports/Entertainment Consultant, A1 Superstars! will be there for you! 

As a Professional Athlete and Entertainer, hiring us as your Talent Consultant, can help you get your career on the fast track! Sports/Entertainment Talent Consulting is great for athletes and performers who have had limited or no VERIFIED paid entertainment jobs. He assists talent by training them one-on-one in areas such as: setting their career up properly; choosing the proper headshots, commercial shots, and resume format; how to properly submit to agents and casting directors; proper audition etiquette; how to speak and act when dealing with those in the industry so you appear most professional; how and why you should treat your career as if you are running your own business; and numerous other topics, giving you complete advice and coaching on how to succeed in the difficult business of entertainment. 

Our Professional Sports and Entertainment Consulting is not Professional Talent Management! (For Professional Talent Management services see below.) Our Consultants are in no way responsible for your professional career. We are here to give you information and guidance only on how to make yourself more successful in your career. 

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For our Professional Athletes/Entertainers who would like A1 Superstars! to help actively guide their careers or for entertainment talent that have done major productions; have received substantial VERIFIED paid jobs; are about to or have signed a major paid contract, we have:

A1 Superstars! Professional Sports/Entertainment Talent Management™

With our Professional Talent Management, we work with talent that have more extensive paid experience or are about to/have already sign(ed) an entertainment deal and need excellent guidance. We realize that these talents require a more specialized service. We contact agents, producers, directors, or any other industry professional needed in order to assist our talent in show business. We also give excellent advice, counsel and direction to our talent in order to maximize their earning potential! We have successfully managed athletes, actors, actresses, rappers, singers, and models and helped them further enhance their career!

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A1 Superstars! would like to take this time to thank the many athletes, actors, actresses and models that have helped to make our Professional Entertainment Consulting™ and Talent Management service a success! We look forward to working hard with you in the future to make your career the best it can be. We will continue to stress to our clients that hard work, determination and persistence are the keys to success! 

Thank you for taking the time out to visit A1 Superstars! Professional Sports and Entertainment. We hope to make YOU a success, and have everyone see you achieve the professional goals that you have set for yourself! Call or text us at (833)218-2536 or fill in your information below and we will personally contact you! You must be at least 18 years of age to begin service. If talent is 17 or under, get parent's permission first before filling out form.

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